Web Design + Maintenance + Content

Our full web design package is driven towards customers who either already have a website and are looking to implement a new design, or for those looking to build an entirely new website. Additionally we offer maintenance to update your existing site, as well as developing textual content such as bio’s, articles, interviews and blog posts to engage and draw consumers to your website.

Depending on the project, our web design packages start at $500+. Maintenance on your existing site is $25/hr.

Social Media Planning + Marketing + Managing

Our social media packages provide several options- From creating a social media plan to engage a targeted audience for a specific individual, brand or business. Or managing any existing social media platforms to engage, market and maintain an online presence for any individual, brand or business.

Social Media prices vary dependent on how many social media platforms you have. We provide competitive pricing that will ensure affordability.

Photoshop + Graphic Design + Other

Photo manipulation, as well as designing innovative textual and visual content to help engage action from consumers.

Prices begin at $25/hr. We also offer a fixed rate if it's more suitable for your project, fixed rate pricing is determined on the projects requirements.